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  Father Rupert Mayer (role: Ruth Goldstein) day player Dir.: Damian Chapa
This will be the life
supporting        Dir.: Alexander Riedel
  TEL (telephone) lead Dir.: Andreas Henn
  Dirty Sky day player Dir.: Cl.-O. Rudolph
  Face your fear lead Dir.: Pee Schöttler
  Schmidt & Schmitt supporting Dir.: Andreas Ruhmlande
  Crime scene (TATORT) – Immortal beauty supporting Dir.: Filippos Tsitos
  Daddy is the boss day player Dir.: Dietmar Schuch
  Mission for Ellrich – Heart for Heart supporting Dir.: Jens Damm
  Attorneys for the dead – Killing Dose lead Dir.: Georg Schiemann
  Forbidden love day player Dir.: E. Kaufmann
  Under observation supporting Dir.: Michael Busse
Theatre (partial list)
  Sommer 14 by Rolf Hochhuth (Role: Eboli) BE Theater am Schiffbauer Damm Berlin Dir.: Th. Muenchow
  Beggar's Opera (Role: Jenny) Open Air Theatre Schwäbisch Hall Dir.: Christoph Biermeier
  Don Carlos /F. Schiller (Role: Eboli) Open Air Theatre Schwäbisch Hall Dir.: Manfred Weiss
  Much ado about nothing (R: Beatrice) Open Air Theatre Schwäbisch Hall Dir.: Ch.Biermeier
  Dracula / Bram Stoker (Role: Mina) Open Air Theatre Schwäbisch Hall Dir.: Michael Heicks
  Mother's day / Jeff Baron (Role: Leslie Harris Schiller Theatre Wuppertal Dir.. Holger Schultze
  Song of Songs Zeitraumexit Mannheim Dir.. Elke Schmid
  Jungle Book (Role: Bagheera) Schiller Theatre Wuppertal Dir.: Janusz Kica
  Dirty hands /J.P.Sartre (Role: Olga) Schiller Theatre Wuppertal Dir.: Volker Lösch
  I Have a Dream (Role: Coretta King) Schiller Theatre Wuppertal Dir.: Holk Freytag
  A midsummer night's dream (Role: Hermia) Schiller Theatre Wuppertal Dir.: Holk Freytag
  Beggar's Opera (Role: Polly) Schiller Theatre Wuppertal Dir.: Hand-Guenther Heyme
  A midsummer night's dream (Role: Titania) Theatre Baden-Baden Dir.: Peter Lüdi
  Blood wedding / F.G.Lorca (Role: Bride) Theatre Baden-Baden Dir.: Martin Driessen
  Romeo and Juliet (Role: Juliet) Theatre Baden-Baden  Dir.: Peter Lüdi
  The gingerbread man / D.Wood Theatre Baden-Baden Dir.: Christian Ewald
  The murder of the Jewish princess Theatre Frankfurt/Main Dir.: Thomas Schulte-Michels
  Pandora's box (Role: Pandora) Theatre LeTal Toronto Dir.: R.Nieoczym
Vocal work (partial list) - dubbing

TV Series

Law and order
  Criminal intent



Gangs of New York

  Lighthouse, Purple Storm
  Audio books The ten best days of my life by Adena Halpern
  The truth will out by Anna MyPartlin
  Video games: Bioshock 2
  Commercials: Lierac
  Echo Classic
  Training: Master in Drama University of Performing Arts
in Stuttgart/Germany
  Camera technique by Nancy Bishop (casting director in Prague)
  Acting Training by Bernard Hiller (Los Angeles),
John Costopoulos
(Cologne), Mark W.Travis (Munich)
  American Standard accent training by Bob Corff (Los Angeles) and Timothy Craig (Los Angeles)
  Languages: German (native), English (fluent), French
  Accents: German, French, Italian, Spanisch, Polish, Russian
  Sports: swimming, horse-back riding, tennis, snow-skiing, ice skating, Modern Dance, in-line skating, mountain-biking, open water scuba diving (diving license)
  Special skills Chanson, Jazz, (pitch of the voice: mezzo-soprano), piano
  Height: 5'  8. 9''
  Eyes: green
  Hair: brown