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athrin Hoehne plays the character Centaur.

Premiere: August 1st 2014, 7:30 pm
August 2nd, 3rd and August 7th, 8th and 9th 2014, 7:30 pm
at the BE Theatre am Schiffbauer Damm Berlin


Kathrin Hoehne at the Billy Bates private Berlinale party hosted by Poverty Row Entertainment
11th February 2013 at the Asphalt, Berlin


Actress WILMA ELLES dressed by Lengiz Abazoglu
with Actress Kathrin Hoehne 17th July 2012 Munich Germany

Help in Motion Art Event Swarovski Rolls Royce
TOPAS PCTURES-F.Peljak kl. date


MERKUR 19.th July 2012 Actress Wilma Elles with Actress Kathrin Hoehne
Swarovski Rolls Royce Charity Event Help in Motion 17th July 2012
Munich Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten


THIS Will BE THE LIFE will be shown on German TV channel ZDF for the first time.
Here are the dates:

Tuesday, May 8th 2012, 0:00 am on ZDF
Friday, May 11th 2012, 8:15 pm on ZDF Kultur
Monday, May 14th 2012, 0:35 am on ZDF Kultur


-THIS WILL BE THE LIFE- runs at the Berlin film festial 2012 on Thursday,
Feb 16th at 1.30 pm in the section - German Cinema Lola@Berlinale -




On the 2nd of June 2011:
German cinema release of T HIS WILL BE THE LIFE
with Kathrin Hoehne


THIS WILL BE THE LIFE is a film about people who are all around the age of forty - that major turning point in life - but still haven't got where they think they ought to be that age. Three people who are filled with longing. Three people in a big city who all lead double lives, for different reasons, whether voluntarily or not, whether professionally or privately. They are all people who haven't found themselves and who have to keep inventing themselves on their search for meaning and love. Maybe this is a new lifestyle at the beginning of the new millenium.

Ulrike Arnold and Kathrin Höhne

In the middle: Kathrin Höhne


From left to right: Miroslav Nemec, Kathrin Höhne, Udo Wachtveitl


From left to right: *Kathrin Höhne * as Sandra neben Tanja Kuntze,
Isabella Hübner and Cornelia Corba

Immortal Beauty

directed by Filippos Tsitos on the 21rst of Nov. 2010
on German Television channel ARD at 8:15 p.m

with Kathrin Höhne


Konstanze Schiller is the owner of an exclusive beauty SPA. She is found dead in her bath tub filled with chocolate. Kathrin plays Sandra, a high society lady who loves Botox and Botox parties and she is a friend of the victim.



From left to right:: Kathrin Höhne und Ulrike Arnold

This will be the life,
Documental feature by Alexander Riedel


Like Butterflies

Is it possible to start a complete new life when you are in the middle of your life? Like the butterflies who start to fly when they have already gone through two extremely different lives, caterpillar and chrysalis? Yes, it is possible. Alexander Riedel tells this kind of story in a wonderful realistic and at the same time poetic way. (www.kino-zeit.de)



TEL."will be shown at the International Film Festival in Hof
at the 27th/29th and 31st of October 2010
and at the 26th of October 2010 at the Molodist Film Festival in Kiev

With Kathrin as Michelle, "TEL" directed by Andreas Henn